Common Mistakes Made With Invitations

Making arrangements for a wedding means there are all types of tasks to be completed. The first step is usually to set the date, then arranging for the location and time for the ceremony and reception. After that, the invitations need to be done. Some mistakes need to be avoided with these as they play an important part of the wedding.

Grammar and Spelling

It may seem strange that this could be a common mistake, but it is. It is up to the person ordering the invitations from the printer to make sure that grammar and spelling are correct. The printer does not normally check this.

Time and Date

This is another important aspect of the invitation that needs to be double-checked. A wrong time or date could mean that the majority of guests will not show up at the correct time or on the right day. This would be a disaster.


The couple wants to be sure they order the response envelopes, and the proper names are put on them. Otherwise, it is not possible to track who will be attending. A headcount is important so the proper seating and food can be arranged for.

Colour and Style

The invitations should be coordinated with the theme of the wedding. If it’s a formal wedding, then the invitations should have a more formal design to them. If colours are being chosen for the invitations, then these should carry through with the colours that have been chosen for the wedding theme.


The printer needs to be given plenty of time to print the invitations. Then these need to be mailed out in time. It is always wise to confirm the addresses of where they are going to be sent to.

The bride and groom need to take their time in preparing the copy for the invitations to avoid mistakes.