How To Decorate For A Graduation Party

There are so many different types of parties and events that require some careful planning and decorating. One that is very popular when the school year ends is the graduation party. This is one that requires some creative thinking for its décor.

The Gold Theme

If it’s a high school grad you may not want to go with the gold theme but it is a favourite of those who are graduating from college or university and are about to enter the working world. This is the colour that can be used to create a photo backdrop. Gold streamers, letters and balloons will do a great job for this. The party attendees will get a big kick out of it.

Fun Grad Caps

Although everyone that is attending the party may not be a grad, it still would be fun to make each of them a grad cap. These are easily done from cardboard. The young ones will get a feel of what it will be like when it’s their time to graduate.

Outdoor Décor

Usually, the weather is perfect for the grad party. Or at least its warm. So you may want to have an outdoor grad party. It wouldn’t hurt to have a simple party tent on hand just in case. For décor, you may want to delight everyone with confetti balloons. These will make a mess of the lawn if they break but it will soon wash away.


There are all kinds of these that can be bought, but its more fun to make your own. To show your grad how proud you are of them then make a banner that says just that.

What is good is to get the whole family involved in making the decorations and to personalize them. If you are going to buy them then try and stick to a theme.