What Type Of Décor is Used For A Formal Wedding?

There are so many different themes that are now used for weddings that it demands a little creativity for the décor. Even the formal weddings have a standard set for the décor that is being used but it can vary.

The Aisle Décor

It doesn’t matter whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding, the bride has to walk down the aisle. This needs to be decorated so it fits the occasion. Quite often for the indoor wedding, it is held in a Church. Decorating of the pews at the ends where the isle is can be quite effective. This can be done with flowers or ribbons. Not every single pew has to be decorated as long as enough are done to create an effect.

For the outdoor wedding, there is a bit more work involved. There will need to be an aisle runner. This can be made from cloth. Care has to be taken so it is anchored. Another idea is to line the walkway edges with plants or flowers. Then a flower girl can go ahead of the bride and scatter flower petals along the aisle.

The Altar

The altar is the focal point that encompasses the bride and groom as they say their vows. There are all kinds of décor and settings that can be used for this. For the indoor wedding that is in a church setting quite often large arrangements of flowers are used. For other settings, it can be more creative. Many times an arbour or arch is used as the focal point then this is adorned with different types of décor like flowers, or greenery or materials.

Table Settings

These set the scene for the reception and the possibilities are endless. It will depend on the seating as to the best type of décor that is used.

There are other ways in which decor can be used to enhance the setting.